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Professional and International API Supplier


Understand R & D, understand policy, be able to cooperate with the manufacturer to complete the R & D and application work.

Wide Resources

Establish cooperation with 15 API manufacturers in India, Japan and the United States to ensure priority supply.

Guaranteed Quantity

API manufacturers have sufficient production capacity and can give priority to supply, and the price of single product is lower than domestic price.

Fast Delivery

Familiar with import and export process, the fastest one week.

Why Use And Purchase Overseas API

Domestic API Market International API Market
Rich variety of products Rich and colorful product types
Lack of high quality API High quality API resources
Lack of model segmentation for the same variety API classification of the same variety is meticulous
No corresponding impurities are provided Provide all impurity reference materials in impurity mass spectrum
Insufficient information of joint declaration The cooperation degree of joint declaration is high
Price chaos The price is reasonable
Insufficient capacity Sufficient supply

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